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“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

William Shakespeare

Would you like to know more about the Change Leader Fellowship?

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Saturday, 11th February 2023

11.30 am

Helping Hands

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The last day to apply is the 15th of February 2023

know more about the Fellowship below

What are we looking for?

In our fellow we are looking for a person to join in our vision of enabling NGOs to achieve scale by leveraging volunteers’ support. Each fellow is expected to engage around 1,000 volunteers during the year for the respective host organisation in ways that support significantly higher social impact efforts by the organisation. This can include a mix of one-time, short-term, and long-term volunteering opportunities or any specific ones that the host organisation may find important, to increase its programmatic impact.

Specific Role-Related Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in any field

  • Have some volunteering experience

  • Readiness to be placed at the NGO based in Mumbai and willingness to work from and travel to the NGO location

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint etc.

  • Excellent coordination skills

  • Problem-solving approach

  • Candidates should be open to working on weekends (can have a day off on a weekday) as a lot of volunteering is likely to happen on weekends.

  • Experience with remote/virtual working and willingness to travel for meetings and organisation events/programmes

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create an appetite for volunteering in the host NGO across levels

  • Create systems and processes required to manage the volunteering vertical

  • Creating and identifying volunteering opportunities

  • Coordinating with stakeholders within and outside the host organisation (eg. working with the Partnerships team to engage CSR/corporate employees in volunteering)

  • Sourcing and managing volunteers

  • Planning and execution of volunteering projects

  • Tracking of volunteer data and reporting of volunteer numbers, hours

  • Documenting learnings, etc.

  • Periodic reporting to Atma Fellowship Volunteer Manager

  • Attending training & capacity building workshops & boot camps

Desired Qualities:

  • A friendly and professional demeanour

  • Keen to work in the development sector

  • Sensitivity and empathy to the volunteer experience

  • Self-starter with the ability to undertake projects independently

  • A high level of goal and outcome orientation

  • Loves interacting with people

  • Ability to deal with ambiguity

  • Maturity and a flexible mindset

  • Team player

What's in it for you?

Rs.25,000/- monthly stipend

You will be absorbed into the organisation as full-time staff at the host NGO

  • Great exposure to the social sector and all aspects of the organisation

  • Gaining expertise in ‘Managing’ volunteers (recruiting and engaging volunteers; sourcing volunteers for events and planning volunteer activities)

  • Opportunity to build great networks and connections in the sector

  • Experience the joy and satisfaction of helping an NGO achieve their goal of helping their stakeholders

  • You will be absorbed into the organisation as full-time staff at the host organisation

  • Opportunities to start a career in the social sector

  • A valuable experience to have on your resume for college applications (your host organisation can provide you with a Letter of Recommendation if needed)

  • Develop leadership, people management and organisational development skills

The Fellow will get to:

During the Fellowship the fellow will gain:

Additionally, after the fellowship you will gain:

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